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Standard cultivation

Standard cultivation

         Under the layout of globalizational distribution development, Jiutai group insists on the strategy of "Go out, and bring in", and establishes the fruits growing demonstrative bases not only in the domestic but also in the abroad  like in Phillipine, Thailand, Vietnam,Poland, Australia, Chile, Egypt, South Africa etc. The supply chain of the globalizational growing bases make the fruits more variety, and meanwhile ensure quality. 
        Jiutai focus on the development of the fruits growing bases like wax apple, red guava, honey melon, honey pomelo, navel orange, and pear etc. Now, we have over sixty million square meters of high quality growing area. To improve the modernizatonal technology in growing, Jiutai organizes the training of "technology, food safety, enviromental protection" on the fruits keepers and growers.



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